Kisses and Popcorn

Location Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, 9th floor
Ticket price Free admission

Summer Exhibition by the Arabia Art Department Society

The Arabia Art Department Society unveils its first sales collection of ceramic art

Kisses and Popcorn is a summer group exhibition of ceramic artwork by ten different artists. The exhibition explores the interplay between traditional materials and artistic imagination – when glimmering gold confronts the coarseness of nature. This creative dynamic gives rise to a multitude of brilliant collisions that serve to define the collection. The exhibition title is inspired by the work of sculptor Jasmin Anoschkin and Veera Kulju, the Society’s Visiting Artist of 2017. The exhibition also features the recently renewed Society’s first collection of collector ceramic art– a limited series of Jasmin Anoschkin’s work Pusuhuuli HotDog Ankan jaloilla (HotDogLipsDuck). The collection is sold via the Arabia Art Department Society.

“I loved these lip-shaped pick-and-mix candies as a kid, but never really liked Hotdogs.” 

- Artist Jasmin Anoschkin explaining the inspiration behind her work. ​

Jasmin Anoschkin has also designed an army of lip shaped soldiers on a chessboard for the exhibition. Artist Kati Tuominen-Niittylä has created the opposing set of chess pieces. 

Each member of the Arabia Art Department Society has contributed to the design of the items in the Pusuhuuli (Kissing Lips) collection. For instance, artist Veera Kulju has created a popcorn-like surface for one of the Pusuhuuli. Veera Kulju is best known for her Popcorn Bowl series, a study of porcelain and experimental material use. At the beginning of January, she started as the Society’s Visiting Artist of 2017.

“I’m always trying to find new ways to use materials as a means for expressing emotions. In my work, popcorn is transformed from a popular snack food into a refined ornament. You enjoy it across the entire gamut of culture – from comedy to horror. 

- Artist Veera Kulju explaining her fascination with popcorn.
In addition to her popcorn-inspired work, Veera Kulju has designed a unique textile that incorporates ceramic elements for the exhibition. The work, which was woven on a handloom in the Society’s artist studio at the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, investigates different ways to combine ceramics and woven fabric, as well as the sound and brittleness of ceramic materials. 

Kissing lips – mascot for Objects of the Future competition

As part of Finland’s centennial celebrations in 2017, the Arabia Art Department Society is organizing an Objects of the Future competition open to all fourth-grade students in Finland. Children are invited to design their own object of the future and the original HotDogLipsDuck sculpture serves as the project mascot. The winning objects will be made from ceramics and displayed in the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre at the end of the year.

The artist members of the Arabia Art Department Society are

Heikki Orvola, Fujiwo Ishimoto, Heljä Liukko-Sundström, Jasmin Anoschkin, Pekka Paikkari, Heini Riitahuhta, Kristina Riska, Kim Simonsson and Kati Tuominen-Niittylä. 
Visiting artist Veera Kulju will also take part in the exhibition.

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The Arabia Art Department Society is supported by Iittala and Arabia and is located in the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre in Helsinki.