In line with Inga Sempé

Location Design Lab Gallery
Ticket price Free admission

French designer Inga Sempé is launching her first collection for Iittala this year. This exhibition introduces her work drawing a line between art, craft and industry - a whole world of object’s making.

Iittala presents a new exhibition “In line with Inga Sempé” in the Design Lab Gallery in Iittala & Arabia Design Centre in Helsinki, during Helsinki Design Week 2022. Inga Sempé draws a line between art, craft & industry - a whole world of object’s making. Linear patterns, colours and happiness being the connection between different typologies. The exhibition is open for public from Sept 2nd 2022 until Feb 19th 2023. 

"I like objects to be happy and light. It's something that I think we need as life is not always happy and light”, says Inga Sempé. 

The exhibition” is inspired by French designer Inga Sempé’s  Filigraani collection for Iittala which will be launched in the autumn 2022. Her designs often feature distinctive, inspirational and imaginative elements that catch the eye and make the viewer curious to look closer, to touch and to experience the items.