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Arabia celebrates its 150th anniversary on 2023. During this important milestone Arabia presents an exhibition called “Tårta på tårta” by a new Arabia designer Armi Teva.

Iittala & Arabia Design Centre’s new exhibition is created by a Finnish designer Armi Teva. Ceramic as one of Teva’s favorite mediums, she is especially known for her intriguing ceramic sculpture series that features different faces. In 2023, Teva is introduced as Arabia's new designer with the Puutarhurit pattern.

Awaking curiosity with ‘more is more’ attitude

Tårta på Tårta exhibition is a glimpse into multidisciplinary artist’s inner visual world. The exhibition presents sculptures, reliefs, paintings, sketches and drawings. Wide range of pieces are united by bold use of colors, sense of playfulness and abundance.

The exhibition explores also sketches from the new Puutarhurit pattern featuring two of her favorite subjects; vegetation and faces.

The exhibition’s name Tårta på Tårta, is translated loosely as ‘Too much of a good thing’. Teva’s art represents kind of ‘more is more’ attitude, where a certain weirdness is a positive feature, awaking curiosity.

”I have a passion for drawing, and it has moved on beyond from pen and paper to my ceramic works. My style is rich and abundant, and I prefer adding rather than erasing. If that means stepping into areas of tacky, too much, or weird, I’m happy to do so.”

“I used to be afraid, that my work is too cute, or it’s considered silly, when they are full of flowers, long eyelashes; such imagery related to femininity. Now I have learned that it’s just a part of my expression” says Teva.

“I enjoy creating characters that are the kind I would like to see in the world and also the kind I’d like to be. Bold, visible, showy, strange and original”, she continues.”

The exhibition film features Teva in her everyday life, her studio in Helsinki, Hvitträsk Museum in Kirkkonummi and setting the table with Armi’s mother and grandmother in Turku. The film is directed by Päivi Niemi, Creative Manager of Design Lab Gallery. You can watch the film here.

Playful pattern to celebrate Arabia’s 150th anniversary

Since 1873, Arabia has had a strong place in Finnish homes by bringing people together, from generation to generation.

While Arabia cherishes its great heritage, it continues to stay curious. Arabia products don’t just carry memories of life’s treasured moments, but they also set the table for new stories.

Throughout Arabia’s history, numerous leading Finnish designers have designed tableware and patterns for Arabia. The tradition continues as the first pattern by Teva is launched by Arabia.

Inspired by Arabia’s long history, Teva created a witty design featuring gardeners peeking out from behind their plants. The fresh, joyful Puutarhurit pattern can now be seen in Arabia tableware and plant pots.

Iittala & Arabia Design Centre joins the Arabia anniversary celebrations

The Iittala & Arabia Design Centre in Helsinki has dedicated all of 2023 to celebrating Arabia’s 150th anniversary.

It will host two exhibitions; one with Finnish designer Armi Teva and the other during the autumn 2023 with the Arabia Art Department Society, which is celebrating its own 20th anniversary as an independent association. The Iittala & Arabia Design Centre will also offer visitors Arabia related workshops.

Armi Teva 

Armi Teva (b.1992) is a Finnish visual artist and designer. Teva has studied design, illustration, visual storytelling, ceramics and glass art. She holds a M.A. from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.  

Ceramic is one of Teva’s favorite mediums and she is especially known for her intriguing ceramic sculpture series that features different faces. 

Tårta på Tårta

Exhibition Graphics / Armi Teva

Exhibition Architecture / Päivi Niemi & Olli Mustikainen 

Short Film 

Direction / Päivi Niemi

Cinematography & Editing / Juho Länsiharju 

Animation Hans Rapinat

Special Thanks 

Teva’s mother Helena Hovila and grand-mother Leena Jaakkola

Hvitträsk National Museum 

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