Pace / Santtu Mustonen

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When starting the project towards the upcoming exhibition “Pace” in the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, Mustonen wanted to explore how his work would manifest in glass.

”This first attempt working with glass was a step out of my comfort zone. It was an enthusiastic trial and error observation with a new medium. I had to understand what inspires me in glass as a material,” Mustonen says.

Santtu Mustonen is a Finnish artist, a versatile multitalent working with different methods and materials. Santtu Mustonen’s creative approach is his own unique combination of handcraft and digital skills. Mustonen is interested in visualising emotions through painting, movement and new technologies through installations, sculptures, and moving image.


The starting point for the project was to do something radically different than the tradi- tional inspiration for Finnish design, nature. Iittala challenged Mustonen to explore the new natural and to find a new design route:

”What is natural today and what does it consist of? How to even comprehend this era? Surroundings are often fabricated, full of artificial variations of materials to serve a purpose. Everything is digital. This might be puzzling or even overwhelming, but I see it as an inspiring playground.” Mustonen shares his thoughts.


The pace of the digital revolution is perplexing. Digital creates possibilities beyond imagination, and the exhibition explores this through glass sculptures and digital animation.

“The glass pieces in the exhibition are the opposite of everyday objects, but they represent ideas of harnessing resources, and sculpting organic mass, to become something that could be necessities in modern everyday life.”


All the glass objects have been made at the Iittala glass factory in Iittala, Finland. To achieve what is displayed in the exhibition it took open experimenting at the factory. Mustonen’s ideas were new, even impossible to imagine yet with experienced glass blowers from the Iittala glass factory the experiments came to life.

Mustonen created all of the moulds himself that were used as part of the process, from 3D printed stainless steel, wood and hand welded metal.

”I have been mesmerized by the possibilities of sculpting glass with new methods that would have been impossible just a few years ago.” Mustonen says.

Iittala is exploring and finding new ways of visualising Nordic design in a progressive way. For decades that has been the true spirit of working with Iittala glass – not only manufacturing, but creating things that bend the boundaries of the material and the design profession.

As Santtu says near the end of the project ”It has been an honour to collaborate with Iittala and use their knowledge and history of making objects that carry an idea of lasting quality through generations. Pace yourself.”

The exhibition in Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, 

”Pace” by Santtu Mustonen, 

opens on November 17th, 2018.


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