URBAN LIFE – Service Design by Metropolia Students

Location Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, Design Lab Gallery, 9th floor
Ticket price Free admission

The URBAN LIFE exhibition at the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre presents study projects completed by Metropolia's students in fall 2018. The works were created as industrial design and interior architecture innovation projects. The objective of Iittala & Arabia Design Centre is to stir discussion about the current state and future of design and to provide young people with an opportunity to showcase their skills. Therefore, it is only natural for the Design Centre to exhibit service design projects completed by students.

Innovation projects have been a regular part of Metropolia's design degree program for as long as 8 years. The projects are meant for third-year students in industrial design and interior architecture and for exchange students in these fields. In recent years, the topics have focused on city and service design. Most of the topics come from businesses or organizations, and the projects are about developing solutions to real-world challenges. The concepts developed are always presented to the client, and they aim at setting a direction for possible further concrete development projects.

The aim of the system is to encourage students to network with the working life and other degree programs. At best, the projects have offered students final year project subjects, internships, or even projects related to concept realization.

The innovation projects presented at the exhibition are one way for Metropolia to realize working life collaboration. The aim of the students' Innovation project studies with the scope of 10 study points (270 hours of work) is to develop the student's project work skills in an expert environment together with partners. For the student, the studies provide an opportunity to develop many aspects of his or her competence and cooperation skills in working life.  

Response to the challenges of working life

Today's employees are expected to be multi-skilled with the ability to see and produce alternative solutions, often in cooperation with others. In addition to core expertise, what is needed in working life is the ability to search for and find essential information, problem solving skills, as well as the ability to justify your own viewpoints to the client. A cross-industry project offers a student a good learning environment for this type of working.

The projects presented at the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre's Urban Life exhibition include eg. the development of Espoo's waterfront walkway, creating a service guide for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport's Stopover passengers, instructions for using public transport for people travelling to Nuuksio national park, and a space-themed event concept for the City of Helsinki. 

The exhibition's concepts were realized by:  Morgan Ard - Inga Autio - Anna Bajnai - Tommi Chan - Mar Gene Cuairan - Jessica Falck - Esko-Matti Helin - Maria Holthoer - Chris Hämäläinen - Matevž Komočar - Atte Linna - Jutta Malinen - Henna-Mari Missonen - Pinja Nousiainen - Sanna Oksanen - Onni-Vilhelm Ojanen - Laura Paaso-Rantala - Charles Répic - Pauliina Riihelä - Tiina Seppälä - Maiju Tuovila - Hanna Väinölä

The innovation course at Metropolia was led by the teachers Juha Ainoa and Pasi Pänkäläinen.

URBAN LIFE – Service Design by Metropolia Students
Design Lab Gallery / IITTALA & ARABIA DESIGN CENTRE  21.3.2019 – 5.5.2019