Tomorrow’s Archives

Location Design Lab Gallery - Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, 8th floor
Ticket price Free admission

6.9.-10.11.19 |Tomorrow’s Archives shows the creative journey of thirty-three students, in totally 27 projects, from the Design department of Aalto University (BA and MA). The outcomes are a collective result from three explorative, hands-on courses executed during 2018 and 2019 at the University. The briefs and projects were conducted in close co-operation with Iittala with an emphasis on the future of glass, ceramic, and new colours and materials studies.


Jie Luo
Jenny Lagus
Qin Yang
Leena Nurmi
Maria Punkkinen
Mingyu "Q" Seo, Jinhyuk Kwon
Aarni Tujula
Filips Stanislavskis
Talisa Dwinyani
Linda Mandell
Elias Broms
Yi-Chiao Tien


Megan McGlynn
Dayoung Song
Jinghua Zeng
Sushant Passi
Eveliina Juuri
Heikki Konu
Sini West
Meri-Tuuli Porras
Miki Todo  


Anna Akins, Sofia Mattinen, Erika Rustamova
Iines Jakovlev, Satu Riikonen, Ben Braim, Johanna Kesälä
Miia Lötjönen, Nora Bremer, Kati Peltola
Elina Kuusisto-Korczak, Vivi Pesonen
Anni Vigren, Pauliina Varis