Varpu Mobile Workshop

Location Design Lab Galleria
Ticket price 85€

Use your creativity and make your own, unique ceramic mobile with the help by the artist Marianne Huotari. 

In this workshop the participants compose their own ensamble with ready-made ceramic pieces. After choosing the ceramic pieces, the participants make the body for the cinetic mobile sculpture by bending brass pipe and balancing it. When the mobile is ready, it can be used as a home decoration by the window or by hanging it freely in the home environment.

Marianne Huotari is one of the artists, chosen by the Arabia Art Society, in the Artist in Residence 2019 program. For her, it is typical to work in the borderline of art and design in her own STUDIO smoo. The Iittala & Arabia Design Centre’s Design Lab is the perfect place for exploring design processes and getting creative. 

In this workshop the participant will focus especially on creating harmonious compositions. The participants compose their mobiles by using different colours and shapes pursuing balanced outcome. Artist Marianne Huotari has prepared the ceramic pieces beforehand for the workshop; molding by hand, glazing and fusing the pieces in the ceramic kiln.

“The favourite part of the workshop for the participants, is usually choosing the ceramic pieces and composing the ensemble. The delicate ceramic pieces are like candies and tempting to touch. The own colour scheme and process of the participants can be simple and straightforward, or sometimes the pieces can be switched and replaced several times before pleasing outcome. The result is, however, always unique and represents the maker’s style and vision.”

- Marianne Huotari

Materials: brass pipe and ready made-ceramic pieces 

Price: 85 euros

The price is including one mobile per workshop participant.

Please register for the workshop in advance. Please do note, the workshop is tailored for max 10 participants and registration is binding. It is necessary to inform on cancellations at least 3 days prior to the course. The minimum number of participants for the course is 6 participants. Coffee and tea are complimentary.

Children under the age of 16 are welcome if accompanied by an adult. The workshop is not suitable for children under the age of 10.

If you have any further questions, please call +358 (0) 20 439 5326 (tue-sun 12-16) or email

Varpu Mobile Workshop

Selected date: 21.August.2019

Thank you for your registration. We will check the availability and come back with an email to confirm your place.